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Achievements 2017

Based on the law of February 11, 2005 making it mandatory for disabled people to have access to public places, the Buffières 2013 project incorporated all the changes and necessary for our future. The work was completed in 2017.

Ii involves the construction of:

  • a new classroom
  • a canteen
  • a kitchen
  • a courtyard

The old classrooms (CP / CE1) now locate:

  • the town hall secretariat
  • the elected representative office
  • the post office
  • the archives
  • the public library
  • the reading room

This last space, reserved primarily and principally to the library and children's access to reading, is widely shared and host:

  • City Council meetings
  • meetings of associations wishing to
  • school medical visits
  • school assistance such as RASED or other

Finally, in place of the former "secretariat - boardroom - library" ensemble, two F3 apartments were created.

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