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Buffières, through its atmosphere and its living environment, was able to attract and retain many talented artists.

Les Trapettistes

The La Trappe association has produced for more than 13 years cultural events for songs, music and live performances. It has notably developed the career of the company Les Trapettistes (5 albums and more than 750 concerts in Europe). It now invests in various cultural projects with young people especially, organises various concerts in the region and produces performances, including:

- « Ceux Qui Font », the co-operative festive song: 6 friends, versatile artists stemming from various formations and existing artistic projects who meet several times a year for a crazy and improbable concert

- « Les Petits Trappettistes », in « C’est pas du jeu ! »: performing as a trio, show for all ages from 6 years on the theme of sport

- « CISO », performing solo guitar voice, humour and song

Morton Potash

Dancer, actor, clown, pianist, choreographer and composer, Morton Potash participates in many creations. Specializing in film music, he composed the music for Valérie Gaudissart's full-length film, Ich bin eine Terroristin. Dance teacher and accompanist, including in CNSMD of Paris for 14 years, he taught the choreographic accompaniment. Now accompanist in CNSMD of Lyon, he participates in a pedagogical research workshop on musical composition applied to dance.

Valérie Gaudissart

Director and scriptwriter of short films such as « Apesanteurs » (1999), « Mes insomnies » (2001), « Celeste » (2005), of documentaries « Eau-delà des flaques » with Denise Colomb (1991), « Allegreto » (1993), « Des passerelles entre vous et moi » (1997), Les Mains nues » (2009) and of a first feature film,  « Ich-bin-eine-terroristin » (2010), Valérie Gaudissart is involved in the film programme of Cluny Culture and is a founder of the association « Ciné Ressources 71 ». She is currently preparing a documentary « Les Etres humaines » and she is writing a second feature-length fiction film « Tu as caché Saint Petersburg dans ta valise ».

Alain Rellay

Saxophonist and composer, Alain Rellay left us on Saturday, February 10, 2018. He participated in, or directed, many formations. He worked on two shows combining music and comics on Pierre Christin's scenarios: « La ville qui n'existait pas » and « le long voyage de Léna », works by Henki Bilal and André Juillard.

Anne Mathonnière

Anne Mathonnière, ceramic workshop, turned porcelain and sandstone sculptures welcomes you on appointment to the discovery of her creations.

Thomas Eve
Meuble Minute by Jonathan Eve

Thomas EVE, cabinetmaker of art and wood carver. 35 years of experience in London, Paris and 18 years in Burgundy.

Restoring, copying or creating unique pieces, of styles or contemporary, preferably using the essences of the region and traditional products such as hot glue, that ensures authenticity and quality made furniture, for the sake of environmental protection.

POM Photography

POM Photography is a B'fironne self-company of photojournalism created by the photographer Vali Faucheux in February 2014.

It offers its services in France and abroad for photographic reporting in communication, events, socio-political, wedding, portrait ... It works with associations, Non-Governmental Organizations, companies, individuals...

It specializes in POM (Petite Œuvre Multimédia). It is a realization (short film) combining pictures and sounds. You can find the P.O.M. "J’ai vécu et réussi" festival award-winning in 2010 on the site.

L'Atelier du Claudius

Since September 2013, Claude Noly manufactures, maintains, repairs and sells stringed electric, acoustic and electro-acoustic musical instruments.

Claude Noly: " If I build and regularly offers instruments according to my inspirations, my vision of the business is proposing to build the unique instrument adapted to the desires of the musician and not to have a range made ​​in advance "

Alexis Caruana

Under the spell of the Clunisois countries, the art ironworker Alexis Caruana uses only recycled metal - old tools and other small objects - and gives them a second life in his sculptures...

Forence Jarrige

Formed in the United States (Elizabeth Ney plastics arts center) and in the F.O.R.E.P.A.B.E. school of stone cutting of La Châtre, and firmly rooted in the tradition of the sculptors, Florence Jarrige draws its inspiration from the legacy they bequeathed her.

Without copying, but letting his imagination combining forms, she produces more or less likely beings that the sculpture can represent, thus reliving the myths.

As part of the Art Monumental Association, Florence Jarrige notably produced sculptures for the town of Saint Marcelin de Cray (Saône-et-Loire) and for a residence in Crazanne (Charente Maritime).

Discover and learn about stone carving.

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