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Buffières has many associations:

School restaurant

The school restaurant welcomes children of the RPI Buffières-Sivignon in a pleasant environment where our canteen manageress prepares good quality family-style meals.

The budget is supplied by revenue resulting from the payment of the meals, but also by means of profits realized during the various events and not forgetting the various subsidies paid by the municipalities of the RPI.

  • Telephone: 03 85 59 66 20
Les loustics

It is a parents' association, all volunteers, participating in the costs related to the activities and outings organized by teachers of the RPI that take place throughout the year.

We thank all those involved and this allows the children to make activities and outings with two main goals: discover and learn.

  • Telephone: 06 64 82 76 62
Friendship club

With 92 members, the Friendship Club holds an important place in the associative fabric of Buffières.

Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of the month and are bi-monthly in winter (2nd & 4th Tuesday).

The proposed activities are numerous: snacks, birthdays, walking, cultural and tourist trips, games (cards, scrabble, bowling, etc..), training (traffic rules, dictations, etc..), mutual assistance through the "transport" section.

  • Telephone: 03 85 59 62 74
Fire brigade

The C.P.I. (Centre de Première Intervention) has partnered with SIVU of Donzy-le-National La Vineuse to form a single centre: the SIVU of West Cluny area. The workforce of this centre comprises 24 firefighters.

With trained and motivated firefighters, equipped with 3 vehicles, the CPI intervenes alone on several missions such as chimney fires, door openings..., not requiring the intervention of the CIS of Cluny.

The firemen amicale organise several events: competition of petanque, fires of the Saint-Jean, Telethon, etc..

  • Telephone SIVU Cluny West area: 03 85 59 69 68
  • Telephone Firemen Amicale: 03 85 59 89 90
Rural Club Association

The club was created in 1971 by a group of B'Firon willing to organize the associative life of the village.

1974: construction of the mille club which allows the B'Firons to meet for various associative events.

The presidents of the Club have been successful in bringing all their skills and energy to enliven and advance community life in Buffières, both cultural (cinema, conferences), and charity (telethon) and festive.

Program of festivities proposed by the Association of Buffières Rural Foyer for the first half of 2018

  • Telephone: 03 85 59 89 90
Heritage Preservation

A mural painting of the 13th and 16th restored with the chantiers Rempart

Originally created to ensure the maintenance of church Saint-Denis de Buffières and its furniture, our association is committed, since 2004, to the restoration of a medieval fresco occupying the whole of the ceiling of the apse.

We have for partner the Union Rampart whose object is to federate associations such as ours to make possible projects out of reach for a rural district.

Thoroughly identify the remains of fresco, consolidate support, restore colour to bring back the figures: this is the work done annually in August by 6-7 volunteers supervised by Christine Guilloud, professional restorer.

The restored fresco will represent Christ on the central figure, surrounded by symbolic figures of the 4 evangelists: the lion for St Mark, the Bull for St Luke, the man for St Matthew and the Eagle for St John.

What is the Tetramorphe ?

  • Telephone: 06 77 57 54 41
Hunting Association

Buffières hunters Association was created in 1923. It is the oldest association of the municipality.

It counts thirty participants who, chaired by Jean-Philippe Rey, roam meadows and woods on Saturday and Sunday during the hunting season in search of deer and wild boar.

  • Telephone: 03 85 59 66 06
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